Nut graph news writing and reporting

How to Write a Basic News Article

Dubbed the "Smart Road" and designed to double as a high-technology research site, this federal-state project shows how a little "pork" tucked into a federal transportation bill can buy a whole hog for a community. Make the headline strong Headlines should be short and informative.

Support your intro with a quote Direct quotes add color and strength to your story and prove you have spoken to someone who knows what happened. The last sentence provides a transition to the next section. This chunk returns to the main theme of the story.

Reporting and Writing Basics

This kind of lead works well for hard news and breaking news. Is this a trend change? Why would you do such a thing? Coming up with a good lead is hard. Use short words and an active verb and avoid unfamiliar abbreviations.

Write a story that keeps readers reading rather than provides a built-in excuse to stop, a complaint made by the inverted pyramid's critics. Involve your bureau chief or an editor in charge in problem stories: Always attribute the quote as well. It's a flag to the reader, high up in the story: Petersburg neighborhood were having with Super Soakers, oversized water guns wielded by local kids.

What is a nut graph in journalism. Reporting and Writing Basics

Jump to navigation Jump to search "Nut sheller" redirects here. This summer has seen an explosion of Super Soaker use on the South Side, say residents, local retailers and police. In most news stories, the news style of writing is used, and the essential facts of a story are included in the leadthe first sentence or two of the story.

At The Philadelphia Inquirer, reporters and editors called it the "You may have wondered why we invited you to this party? It justifies the story by telling readers why they should care.

What Is A Nut Graf?

Now newspapers and magazines around the world publish stories following the form that emphasizes explanation over information and understanding over knowledge. Super Soaker water guns -- high-powered, bubble-shaped, neon water guns that can extend to three feet and hold up to two gallons of water.

About 20 researchers from all over the world work in small offices around the room. Specific examples are always related to the larger context.

Clarity and simplicity rule. Hannah Bloch is a digital editor for international news at NPR. If a story cannot be cut easily because it is poorly structured, it may be sent back for a rewrite. This goes for any part of your story, and never more so than in the lead. Write the nut graf.

Doing so tends to reveal holes earlier in the process and helps you avoid too many intriguing but tangential side trips. It allows readers to understand why the heck they were invited to the party and why they should seriously consider attending.

These are useful for stories running a day or more after the news breaks. This is a warning that your headline may be getting too long. Ensure the story provides full company names, full and proper titles, and RICs or ticker symbols in both the text and header field.

This is rarely acceptable unless you have some other evidence to support the interpretation. They tell stories of guns filled with bleach, hot pepper and even garlic and say that neighborhood youths have taken the game too far.

Ken Wells, a writer and editor at The Wall Street Journal, described the nut graf as "a paragraph that says what this whole story is about and why you should read it.In a written story, that’s the function of the “nut graph” (which will be the subject of a future post) — not the lead. Straight news lead.

Just the facts, please, and even better if interesting details and context are packed in. This scene-setting is just one benefit of Byrd’s thorough reporting.

We even get a. The first post in a WordCount occasional series on writing basics looks at the nut graph, the little paragraph with the big impact.

In a good old-fashioned inverted-pyramid news piece, the nut graph should follow the opening who, what, where, when and how information and serve as the story’s “why.” the nut graph. See it at. Whatever you think of the nut graph, it has certainly earned a hallowed place in the news writing hall of fame.

Among its many contributions, the nut graph has liberated a generation of. The nut graph: The point of the story in a nutshell. AT The Nut Graph, we believe that it’s not enough to just report if we want to add value to our readers’ experience of the think it’s important for journalists to make sense of and draw conclusions from the events and people we write about, and to piece past and present facts together so we can figure out what it all means.

What is The Nut Graph?

The Nut Graf, Part I. By Chip Scanlan · May 19, The Nut Graf and Breaking News he taught reporting and writing in its real and virtual. What is a nut graph in journalism. In American English journalism terminology, a nut graph is a paragraph, particularly in a feature story, that explains the news value of the story.

The term is also spelled as nut graf, nut 'graph, nutgraph, nutgraf.

Nut graph news writing and reporting
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