Population is a boon or bane essay

I think it's a very good step taken by our PM. This results in the degradation of the quality of living. The popular media in particular tends to associate scarcity and famine with a surfeit of mouth to feed.

Population explosion – boon or bane?

Rapid population explosion has led to the over exploitation of the natural resources and degradation of environment. Such educated workforce can lead the World and India towards prosperity. The primary sector is overflowing with people and since there is not enough growth and expansion in the manufacturing sector, the excess population is not being absorbed leading to unemployment.

In the wake of scarce resources, population growth has been a major threat to mankind. Had there been slower growth of population, their economic growth could have been definitely facilitated, yet there was no need to take an alarming view.

Take what Japan did for example during World War 2. Let me explain why. Nuclear energy can be a great boon provided all the political and geographical disputes between India and Pakistan are settled once for all. Because ultimatelyit is people that matter, everything else can be mined, manufactured in a factory or grown on the ground.

Due to unbalance of emissions of CO2 and absorption in the environment causes global warming which adverse impact. The two great political events in the 18th century, the American War of Independence in and the French Revolution inaroused a new consciousness.

Rapid population growth has led to the over exploitation of natural resources and environmental degradation. The book concludes that both Malthus and his ideas have terrorised the world too long and the time has come to bury them deep.

Poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America is often blamed on what is called over-population. A bigger population means more consumers, more workers to work in factories and software technology parks and more soldiers to fight a war on the borders.

This frightened propertied class in Britain and Europe. India is too tiny to handle such a high population.

Is the growing population of india a boon or a bane ?

It has negative impact on overall quality of life because it makes people work harder to achieve less. A large number of Indians are not productive simply because either they have no access to the capital or they not skilled or educated enough.

Population explosion – boon or bane?

A rising population equals lower sanitation. India is the largest provider of skilled manpower in the world. Thus they can take care of these dependents. Greater population means more consumers for industries.

Population Growth - Boon or Bane to India's growth

Both of them have been inter-related. If we consider a long run view, the sources of energy as well as other natural resources are not finite. It can turn into boon or bane depending on how we make our move. First, their conscience was cleared of any sense of guilt and they were told not to be unduly perturbed at the suffering of the poor because they were just paying for their sins.

So we must put our efforts into the prevention of further increase of the population. By this peoples become skilled and presently many foreign companies are invested in India so these skilled person get the job easily in these companies.

Moreover, population increase would make it possible to use methods that are inapplicable when population increase would make it possible to use methods that are inapplicable when population is smaller.

Read one of the articles in my sources for more info. Life become unbearable RE: For a huge population, it becomes more difficult to provide the facilities so basic such as water, health etc. Unemployment increasing tremendously unemployed youngsters are dangerous may start routing looting increase crimes Government unable to control them.

Con I accept your challenge. So we need more and bigger cities if we want higher economic growth and spread the arc of prosperity.Essay on science is a boon or a bane.

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Is the growing population of india a boon or a bane ?

Is a large population a boon or bane for India with respect to economy and development? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 6 Answers. Palkesh Asawa, Chartered Accountant & Blogger.

Population is not a boon, but let’s try and make the best of what we have!

High population may prove a boon for the economy

k Views · View Upvoters. Read the pros and cons of the debate Is the growing population of india a boon or a bane? High population may prove a boon for the economy Put investing on hold, wait for a larger dip: Deepak Mohoni Wipro expected to lag its top-tier peers in terms of growth in business volumes and profit.

I think that large population is always a boon and never a bane for India. The youth constitutes the most in population. Right now in our country there are a lot of start ups.

In the future these start ups would contribute a lot to the economy and development. Many youth vl do many creative business and contribute to the upliftment of the country. Search Results. Population Explosion is called population park9690.com is threatening the very existence of the earth.

Population explosion is defined as a huge growth in human population over.

Population is a boon or bane essay
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